Facts About Animals

  • July 14, 2022
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Amazing facts about animals that you will love to read

Facts About Animals
  • There is a population of ants more than humans in the world which is growing 1000000 times more every year, behind each human being there are  10000000 ants.
  • The lion hunts no more than 20% of its life while the lioness hunts 90%.
  • The weight of 1 tooth of an elephant can be up to about 4.5 kg.
  • Ants never sleep.
  • Putting a drop of alcohol over the scorpion makes him mad.
  • A grasshopper can jump 20  times the length of its body.
  • Hippopotamus can run faster than the speed of man.
  • The horse babies start walking and running only a few hours after they are born.
  • The elephant is the largest animal on earth but it is much smaller than the blue whale that lives in the sea.
  • The woodpecker hits the tree 20 times in a second.
  • The snail is such an organism that if you cut off one of its eyes it comes again.
  •  Cows can cow dung up to  16  times a day.
  • In a dog, sweat glands are in the soles of its feet.
  • The name of the world’s most poisonous fish is stone fish.
  • The position of the donkey’s eye is such that he can see his four legs together with his eyes.
  • A panda can be smaller than a rat at birth and it becomes so big 2 years after birth.
  • Hummingbird has a very high ability to fly, it can flap the wings  70 to 80  times in 1 second, due to this, it can fly further and fall backward, and how fast it can fly in the wind.
  • All the sheared creatures like squirrel rats etc. their teeth keep growing.
  • The sweat of the hippopotamus is red.
  • The squirrels don’t see the color red.
  • A beautiful one can find a 30-foot-long tunnel in one night because its claws are like a shovel due to which he can throw the soil back very fast.
  • The starfish fish has eyes and has 8 eyes in its 8 arms.
  • Sharks have been on Earth from the time before dinosaurs.
  • Dogs are more visible than humans in the dark.
  • A bear can run equal to a horse.
  • Ants are not found in Antarctica.
  • The slowest moving fish in the sea is the Sea Horse.
  • The ostrich can kick anyone like an ass.
  • There are 36 teeth inside a monkey, while a human has 32 teeth inside.
  • After humans, the monkey is an organism that eats bananas by peeling them.
  • Once upon a time, kangaroos could be seen all over the world, but now only 4  species of kangaroos are found which is in Australia.
  • Some species of snakes can survive for up to 2 years without eating and drinking.
  • Crocodiles sometimes even swallow heavy stones to dive deep into the ocean.
  • The bear has 42 teeth.
  • The rat can live a long time without drinking water, even longer than a camel.
  • Goats can see up to 360  degrees with their own eyes.
  • An elephant can store up to 5 liters of water in its trunk.
  • The age of a squirrel is about 9 years.

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