BTS wants to come to India, said – we want to meet our fans in India

  • July 18, 2022
  • WPFXAdmin
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BTS In India

BTS In India

(BTS In India) BTS, the world’s most popular boy band, had an exclusive chat with WorldPediaFX and gave a variety of information about everything from their fans to their songs. South Korea’s boy band BTS also spoke about the Indian Army, i.e., their fans, and thanked them. “We know that many of our fans in India love and support us a lot. Thank you all for listening to our songs. We feel that we connect very deeply through music, breaking down barriers to languages. However, at this moment we are not able to meet each other, but we want to tell you guys that we are very grateful to you.

During the interview with BTS, he was also questioned about concerts in India.  He was asked when his fans in India could watch his concert and enjoy his music. He said, “We want to meet our fans in India and see our performance. We hope that the day will go too soon when it will be the end of this pandemic.”


 BTS also spoke about their online concert during the interview.  He explained how he was able to connect with his fans even during this pandemic through the internet. “Our fans are a source of inspiration for us. We’re here only because of them. Through this concert, we were able to connect with our fans through the screen and also be able to hear their voices.  It was a long time since we last saw him and it was a very emotional moment for us. We are also thankful to the fans who joined us and enjoyed our concert. It was through technology that we were able to bridge the distance between us and that made our concert a success.”

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