Amazing Facts About History

  • July 14, 2022
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Amazing Facts About History That Will Blow Your Mind

Facts about history
  1. The world’s oldest parliament was in Iceland.
  2. Genghis Khan considered all religions to be equal.
  3. Albert Einstein was made president of Israel, but he turned down the post.
  4. The first dam in India was built in Saurashtra.
  5. At the time of The First World War, the French made a fake penis.
  6. The shortest war in history was fought for 38 minutes.
  7. In Japan, during World War II, two bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, due to which children are stillborn maimed today.
  8. Turkey was once worshiped like a god.
  9. In ancient Egyptian times, to avoid bees, the servants were left out of the city by applying honey on their bodies so that all the bees would go out of the palace.
  10. During The First World War, the United States had only 18 pilots.
  11. Most of the world’s board games are sold in Germany, including Ludo and Chess.
  12. In ancient Egypt, if a man killed a cat, he was sentenced to death.
  13. About 12,000 years ago, the kangaroo was shaped like a horse.
  14. In Antarctica, there are more than 400 districts on the ground under the ice.
  15. The excavation of diamonds started in India itself.
  16. There are just two seasons on the planet Uranus which include winter and summer.
  17. The human heart can bounce blood up to a height of about 30 feet.
  18. In Italy, people consider it auspicious to wear red underwear on New Year’s Day.
  19. 2% of people all over the world have a green eye color.
  20. The dollar sign began in  1788.
  21. About 5,000 years ago, there was only one disease called smallpox.
  22. The world’s largest number of post offices exist in India.
  23. India’s first naval museum was opened in 1979  in Mumbai.
  24. The Bharat Ratna Award was instituted in India in 1854 .
  25. India is the largest English-speaking country after the US.

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